Participate in the Black Stork Nest Weaving Workshop

On Saturday, April 27th, from 12 to 4 PM, there will be a life-sized black stork nest weaving event at the Visitor Centre of Karula National Park in Ähijärve. We invite you to take part of this special workshop!

The black stork is a symbolic bird for Karula National Park, nesting in old forests near suitable fish-rich streams. However, such habitats are becoming increasingly scarce. The black stork is endangered. Even if they manage to return from long migrations to their nests and lay eggs, the chicks may starve because suitable feeding grounds and fish in the vicinity are simply lacking. What can we as humans do beyond just telling this story? In the Route Diverse nest weaving workshop, we invite you to help us create a black stork installation, which celebrates this magnificent bird and invites everyone to think about what can be done to improve the living conditions of the black stork.

Under the guidance of master craftsman Margus Rebane, we will weave a wicker cover for the black stork nest, so everyone can go inside and sense what home feels like. for a black stork. In addition to the black stork nest workshop, three more free nest building workshops will take place in May. Click here for more information.

Practical information

Space is limited! Please register yourself (preferably the day before the workshop) and make sure you receive a confirmation email for participation ( If you want to join on the same day, please call +372 51 32 891.

Wear weather-appropriate outdoor clothes and shoes for the workshop. Lunch will be provided, consisting of locally sourced soup. If you wish, you can bring something additional for the communal table.

We’ll meet in front of the Ähijärve Visitor Centre of Karula National Park (coordinates BL: 57.712486, 26.504927). If you can’t find the place or have any questions, call or write to: Nastja Pertsjonok,, +3725132891.