The Route Diverse


The pre-program of The Route Diverse (2022-2023) brought a number of exciting events to communities in Southern Estonia. Each of the events allowed the participants to explore the boundaries of their knowledge. Have a look at the pre-program here (in Estonian, but mostly visual and can be easily Google Translated)!

The Art Tour

On of the aims of pre-program was to establish the foundation for creating the art tour.
In the course of two years, places, topics, and people emerged. After that, the artists took over the process of transforming it all into the art experience.

The Excursion was born in cooperation with Hargla, Karula and Tartu communities, and you can find all these layers being expressed in the artworks.
Ultimately, we got The Route where one has a chance to see the world from very different perspectives, explore the boundaries, and see see beyond them. However, most of all one can find joy and excitement of exploration!