is the excursion?

Excursion is an unique art route that is created exclusively for Tartu 2024. The Route Diverse special bus takes the audience to three places, in Valgamaa and Võrumaa. 

In these places, one can experience interactive installations, that have been created by the artists together with Southern Estonian communities. The excursion starts in Valga and lasts 3.5 hours.


is the excursion for?

To art- and adventure-minded adults and children from 10 years. The Excursion can be attended with kids younger than 10 years, but then the children will need support from their caregivers in order to understand it fully.

During the excursion, the conductor takes care of the passengers and keeps them exactly so comfortable yet gripped that the audience may become a small temporal community during the ride.


is the excursion?

The excursion starts and ends in Valga. Valga is a city on the border of Estonia and Latvia, and it can be reached by public transportation.
See how to get to Valga
During the excursion, the special bus takes the audience also to Hargla and Ähijärve. The excursion happens also in the bus.

The excursion takes place both indoors and outdoors. Please dress according to the weather.