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In the summer of 2024, join one of 30 bus tours for an unforgettable experience with nature, sound and spatial installations in Valga and Võru County.

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Barbara Lehtna

light installations

How to live in a city where according to statistics people do not want to live? How to dream about tomorrow when today seems pretty dark? When looking for answers to these questions, Barbara´s light installations were born. Together with the acknowledgement that the progress may not lay in real estate development, rather than in a tightly knit community where each person´s individual skills create a solid whole.


Jane Remm

landscape installation

Jane Remm explored what is home for non-humans: birds, insects, fish. Jane re-scaled these experiences in a way that they can be encountered by a human being. This way, one can experience in Karula National Park, what life can seem to, for example, a spider.


Patrick Tubin McGinley

sound installation

Patrick Tubin McGinley sound installation in Hargla deals with meeting the supernatural through the stores of people of Southern Estonia. In this installation, through different stories, suris of Koikküla meet the souls of Ghanaian ancestors, a Roma grandmother and many others.


Laima Jaunzema

bus experience

When on the road, the vehicle becomes a space of it´s own. What kind of place is the bus where one shares the spaces with strangers for 3,5 hours? Can it become a shelter for the time of the travel, a safe space to go back to after exploring the fringes? What or who should be in the bus, what should happen in it, for the bus to become a temporary home for the travellers?